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I can’t believe you are still settling for this in your relationships!

How many times are you the person at the other end of the relationship being treated as less important or as an “It” getting used? 

What is an “It” in a relationship? Simple, an “it” is someone who doesn’t have a voice, allows boundaries to be crossed, and doesn’t receive hardly anything they give in the relationship. The other person expects you to be about their needs, their desires, and their values. However, there isn’t much of that being returned in the relationship or it sprouts up when things get bad and you finally start to make a stand.

It is common for people who have a low sense of worth to subjugate themselves to being the passive or crutch in the relationship. The presence of co-dependence is a normal feeling even though it leaves you exhausted and underwhelmed with real presence of your you connection, support, security, and love. You may find yourself disconnecting or disassociating into some fantasy, hobby or even negative attention to make up for it.

Even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love Ephesians 1:4

You are worth more than this, in fact you are the Beloved of God, you should be treated as such. It really is a matter of you declaring the truth that God speaks over us in the Bible like Ephesians 1:4. God chose you and that is a pretty significant fact if you start to consider all the messages and moments you can use to deny your worth. Realize, that is the way of the world and the work of those who will take from you and not be virtuous enough to honor the worth you have inside!

May you start to realize more and more that a person of heavenly worth must live this out here and now because we only have so much time to live for the Kingdom and that is a kingdom of power. Don’t let those who are powerless reduce your worth because they actually need you for their own limitations and lack of love. What we often have to evaluate in a relationship that objectifies you as a source of support is how much are we willing to live with an imbalance in the relationship? Do we not see how this type of dynamics are harmful to our longterm health, to nurturing and developing in our character, our hearts, and into a greater representation of Christ?

One may feel stuck in the realities of the day at hand, but nothing can remove your ability to make a freewill decision. The only person who can remove that choice is…YOU!

I encourage you to be be a powerful part of the relationship, and if they won’t let you, its because they are powerless and I think you know what you need to do. 

Start a new season of your life by declaring your worth and establishing or establishing relationships that recognize!

Keep Looking Up!

Pastor Micah

Listen to the Podcast for the, The Virtuous Man

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