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Divine Interruptions: A Life Altered By Jesus

Life is unpredictable. No matter how well we plan, we're often taken off course by the unexpected – a phone call, a text, or an unforeseen event. These interruptions, however unexpected, often end up defining our lives, directing us towards a path we never anticipated.

Now imagine a divine interruption – one that changes not just your day, but the trajectory of your entire life.

The Master of Interruptions

Jesus, throughout His ministry, exhibited an unparalleled knack for disrupting the norm. He spoke to women against societal conventions, engaged with the sick, and wasn't hesitant to challenge established religious principles. Perhaps most incredibly, He even interrupted death itself.

To a believer, these aren't mere tales from a bygone era; they resonate with our own experiences of Christ's life-altering interruptions.

Reflecting on Luke 5:1-11, we see Jesus commandeering Simon Peter's boat for a sermon. After concluding, He then requests Peter to cast out his nets again. Despite his initial hesitance, Peter complies, resulting in a miraculous catch. Overwhelmed, he and his fellow fishermen immediately heed Jesus's call to become fishers of men.

Yet, Jesus doesn't stop there. As the story continues, He calls Levi, a tax collector – a profession despised in those times – to follow Him. Ignoring societal norms, Jesus sits and dines with Levi and other outcasts, asserting that He came not for the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance.

Embracing Interruptions

Admittedly, embracing interruptions isn't our natural inclination. Whether it's a child's tantrum or an unexpected meeting at work, we often resist deviation from our plans.

But when Jesus intervenes, the shift is radical. He doesn't merely impose a detour; He offers a completely new path, one that leads to eternal salvation. It's an interruption worth welcoming.

This brings us to introspect: If faced with a divine interruption today, how would we respond? Would we cling to our well-crafted plans, or willingly surrender to His higher purpose?

Living in a Post-pandemic World

The global pandemic was a glaring example of a universal interruption. Many retreated into their shells, seeking solace in isolation. It changed our way of life, and for many, it was a time of introspection.

But now, as the world starts healing, it's crucial to ponder: Have we grown too comfortable in our cocoons? Can we truly follow Jesus if we aren't willing to reach out and connect with others, especially those in need?

Conclusion: Preparing for the Next Divine Call

Divine interruptions aren't about disturbing our peace. They're about aligning us with a grander, divine narrative. Each call from Jesus is a beckoning towards a more purposeful life, one intertwined with His plans.

So, as you navigate your day, be open to those unplanned moments, those unexpected nudges. Jesus might just be inviting you to be a part of something extraordinary. And when He does, will you be ready to respond?

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