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Unshakable Kingdom (2)

Finding Heaven Here and Now

Ever heard the phrase "heaven on earth"? Yep, it's everywhere - from songs to sayings. But have you ever thought about what it really means?

Imagine a world where everything's good, all the time. That's what Jesus hoped for when he talked about God's will being done on earth. For Christians, it’s not just a cool thought; it's something we can actually experience.

In the Bible, John 17:3–8 has Jesus saying that eternal life is basically getting to know God on a deep level. It's like the difference between knowing about a celeb and being their BFF.

Jesus also hinted that this deep bond with God starts right here, on earth. So, those moments when you feel close to God? They're just the start.

Now, this isn’t just about our connection with God. It's also about getting along with each other. Think of it as the ultimate team spirit. Our church vibes? Authenticity, Compassion, and Generosity. They've helped us stay tight-knit.

A fancy word from way back – “homoousios” – means being “of one substance” or super close. That’s the kind of bond Jesus wanted for us.

The poet, Shelley, once wrote, "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” It means even in tough times, there’s hope around the corner. Similarly, our bond with God isn't just for the afterlife; it starts now.

To wrap it up, ask yourself: How close am I to God? And what's stopping me from getting closer? Embracing God can change the game, giving us a bit of that "heaven on earth" feeling every day.

We would love to see you Sunday Evening at our Service, let us gather and celebrate the invitation to be close to God and with the Church!

Keep Looking Up!

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