• Micah Moreno

When You Lose Common Ground

Hi Church family,

I put this podcast together on my "Your Life is Not Over" project in partial response to the some of the dialogue and interactions I feel we all are facing. The bottom line is, we seem to have all encountered one relationship or another that has either been brought to the forefront of opinions or perspectives. There are many points of view, perspectives, and nuances that give us all a stance and a place to engage as people in our community, county, state, nation. As people of faith, we need to ensure that the Gospel we stand on is Holy Ground despite the differences.

In this podcast, I tackle some key areas and strategies to respond and reengage with those you have found a loss of common ground. It is my sincere hope you are learning as much as I am about being a peacemaker without compromising the firm ground of the Gospel that we are called to safeguard, share, and be what we all submit to.

Keep Looking Up,

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