• Micah Moreno

When the Church disappoints

As I have been thinking and praying over our church and many others who seek to pivot and make efforts to serve in this time, I recall what it is like to return after a season of disappointment. I am sure there are many shifts that are taking place in our lives on all fronts, even how or where we worship. This is no matter the season, normal in the life of the Church. Yet, I was led to cut another video/podcast that talks about how to not remain in a season of disappointment and to move forward.

There is a growing trend that is taking hold in our culture, the trend of victimhood. It is easy as over emphasizing a small offense to building an entire life around a moment and remain entrenched from it. We as believer and followers of "The way" of Christ are not called to adopt such an identity. However, we must be willing to find a way with God and the community of believers around us, to overcome such threats to our identity of "The Beloved".

Take a moment to watch or listen to this episode and perhaps this is a season to face and overcome some current or previous disappointments.

Keep Looking Up!

Pastor Micah


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