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What to think about when I take Communion (Repost)

Each month at our Church, we have the opportunity to celebrate the Communion Supper as a community. It is a time that we set aside with each passing revolution of the months of the year with the hope there is renewed focus and a reminder of what we are afforded as the people of faith.

(In this CCP Virus reality, we are even adjusting to this opportunity to produce our own means to partake together online)

We all come to this table with many different backgrounds, experiences, and expectations either imposed or self regulated. However, it is a good question to ask on this blog, "What should I think about when I take Communion?".

It is helpful to first understand where we are coming from in terms of what Communion is and why we have it in our experience of faith. We can read the following statement from our traditions understanding as:

"Communion Supper instituted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a sacrament, proclaiming His life, sufferings, sacrificial death, resurrection, and the hope of His coming again. The Lord’s Supper is a means of grace in which Christ is present by the Spirit. All are invited to participate by faith in Christ and be renewed in life, salvation, and in unity as the Church" (Nazarene Church article of faith, 13)

Communion is given to the church by Christ himself and therefore we see it as a tangible reminder of what grace afforded us through Jesus. That can be a very impactful experience each time we prepare ourselves to receive it. Communion can bring us a greater sense of God's goodness as well as our frailty and dependence upon our Heavenly Father.

But what to think about as we approach the bread and cup? I offer and would encourage this three part exercise;

a) Examine

Consider the areas of your life that perhaps are mindful or are not living as a resurrected people. Meaning that we have assurance, faith, and a eternal hope because we now live identifying our lives in Christ. (Col 3:3)

Allow God to bring forth, not in shame, but in an appeal the areas that need to be surrendered or brought into obedience out of our love for God and our life we freely choose to live in Christ's name.

b) Offer

Once the Holy Spirit is invited into the very present reality of your life, consider what needs to be surrendered. What needs to be reaffirmed. What needs to be abandoned, and what needs the grace of God to move in and make way for a new means of obedience because the focus of grace of the Cross illuminates such a need. Once this is known, offer it willingly even though not all the answers are known. Rest assured, they are known to God.

c) Thanksgiving

As clarity is brought from the remembrance of the cross and the new life found in the resurrection. Bring your mind to a place not of fear, or guilt, but of freedom and praise for that which you are powerless to accomplish on your own merit or strength has been sealed by the blood of Christ.

When we consider this in greater measure and through our most recent or deepest wandering, it brings great thanksgiving and a means for peace as we offer such experiences, fears, or frailties to God.

It is a great hope that as often as we experience this sacrament as a follower of Jesus, we can be more available to the appeal God makes to us through the revealing work of the Cross. We see both brokenness and strength, humbleness and authority. Approaching the table is meant for all who place their faith in the work of Jesus and these signs are reminders of the greater work that we celebrate and enter in freely.

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May we not hesitate to approach this table as it is an experience that is full of enrichment and provides a space for God to reaffirm his love for us and to behold what was accomplished on our behalf through the Son. May we bring all other thoughts, priorities, and wanderings before this table so that in the busyness of our lives, we not loose sight of this element that draws us back to where our hope and life come from.

Keep Looking Up!

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