• Micah Moreno

Weekend Wrap Up, Online and in Quarantine

Today marked the first of many Sundays where we gathered on our online devices and shared time together as a body of Christ. It was different preaching into a camera knowing and hoping people on the other side were engaging and receiving something that God was able to use. The great news is that many people engaged and were becoming familiar with this strange new world that has us limited in our contacts and face to face engagements.

This being the fourth Sunday of Lent we are truly walking in the dessert with Jesus. We are tempted to lose hope, take matters into our own hands, and lift other idols up to numb our pain and discomfort (this is after reading that legal Marijuana sales are through the roof in our state of shelter-in-place). The Scripture for today met us exactly where I didn't anticipate we would be at, but God did! How is it that when we read, scroll, and look ahead of our day that most of what we are seeking to accomplish is fulfilling a hunger that God meets us with "Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."?

Even this should be a sign that God is orchestrating and is in control. Despite what side of spectrum you are on the outcome of this pandemic, none of it defaults the claim of Christ. He is the bread of life. We are to nourish ourselves on nothing less that the word of God (who is Christ).

It is important to differentiate for ourselves if we are seeking some kind of "Wonder bread" that we can say is a gift of God, or are we actually seeking Christ himself? There is a big difference that many can miss and never come into a deepened state of praise and security for they are only about felt needs rather that wisdom that has us renew our minds and deny the impulses of the fickle heart.

The best item to consider is if we are able to discover and maintain a place in our spiritual life where the "I am"ness of God brings us to a place of trust, surrender, and dependency of God's provision and nature. I pray we aren't just looking for wonder bread that will only be momentary, but coming to the bread of life to experience fullness in these times of wilderness walking

Keep Looking Up!

Pastor Micah Moreno

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