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The Call of Complete Obedience

This weekend we will continue our series on Genesis by looking at the greatest call of obedience that Abraham demonstrated to God. The story of his willingness to offer the long promised son, Issac, is a challenging text for a handful of reasons. However, the greatest theme of this narrative is that God reveals himself to be faithful to the obedience of His servant.

That is something that can be easily lost in the day to day of our busy lives, the call of obedience. Some of us have areas we know are dialed into a routine or developed spiritual practices. Others of us approach a spiritual life with a lot of questions and a lack of clarity of what that means. If we could for a moment place all our routine and our questions back into the place of surrender, then perhaps this is where we also will realize greater depths of provision and revelation.

As a faith community, we are seeking to trust the Lord with the larger picture of our witness of Southport. As individual people of faith, we must not isolate ourselves from the collection of Saints that we are surrounded with in our community. The obedience in both our individual and collective witness of faith have the same source and purpose, to glorify the name of God.

I encourage you to pick a time this next week to pray a prayer of surrender. Surrender perhaps your comfort zones of your faith as well as your questions that are rooted in chaos. The reality is, God is bigger than all of it. If we can seek to trust the Father, with out question like Abraham, will he fail us in his provision and grace? By no means!

As we look ahead this month of March, I invite you to engage with our women's and men's ministry opportunities. I also invite you into the conversation of taking the step of Baptism, if you are willing to be public about your faith!

Remember to Spring Ahead this weekend and we can't wait to see you at 10am to worship and celebrate the Lord.

Here are the Sermon Notes for this weekend

Keep Looking Up!

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