• Micah Moreno

Introducing HUBS for Sunday Mornings

The times have called us to understand as a Church that we are in ever-changing circumstances with a never-changing Gospel. What has been encouraging in this time is the move from our congregation to discover and innovate new ideas that bridge gaps in the community we all are connected to (at a distance for many).

For the time that is in front of us, we will continue to press for the goal of returning to inside worship with whatever conditions that maintains a balance of safety and obedience (obedience to the Lord).

Pastor Ricardo and I have been throwing this idea around as an addition to the time in between and we invite you to be part of this unique way to have a Sunday experience with your Church.

On September 27th, we will have our first HUB community group meeting in a members home to encounter the online worship experience together. They will worship, learn, and participate in the Sunday Service, and then conclude on their own with fellowship and prayer.

This may not be for everyone, but we know it is for many of you who desire to connect with your church family. I say let this be a great chance to rediscover community.

Please register Here

If you would like to host your home, then contact Pastor Ricardo ricardo@southportonline.org

Could you imagine what God could do if we committed to this time as a real way to engage with the Lord and other saints of the Church? We could literally transform this community. It just takes us making wise, safe, and faithful steps.

Join your Hub and find community that is for you and for the Father's purposes.

Keep Looking Up!


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