• Micah Moreno

Foundation and Pillar

Yesterdays sermon was one I loved to preach on. It just seemed a great opportunity to remind one another of the function the local Church is to have in our lives. This is lost today with many who treat the word "Evangelical" as a political ideology rather than an understanding of our deepest relationship in life. However, in the current climate we find ourselves in, we have an opportune time to usher in a new era where the Church is demonstrated as Paul was urging Timothy in Ephesus, to be the foundation and pillars in others lives.

Watching the video below, we see both play out in the subject of the clip. A little girl having both the understanding of her worth and the support structure for her to take a leap into the pool without floaties (that's a big deal).

As another smoke filled weekend ends here in California, we have a great need to lean into our internal dialogue to find a sense of understanding when there are reasons that seek to threaten all we hold as essential routines and habits in our day to day. We need the foundation of the Church to bring into our hearts and minds a sense of orientation in a world of chaos. The verses in 1 Timothy this weekend bring such a posture into light.

"...you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth..." 1 Timothy 3:15

The picture is clear that if the Church is to be a household that teaches us to pray, to trust God, and to center our aim in life off of the Word, then we need to evaluate if we have this currently going on. Are we bringing the foundational truths that help us reject labels that diminish the call of God's work in us to a place where we are learning greater measures of this idea of Discipleship? Or have we found ourselves grossly off track to where such a foundation is either a memory or a bygone idea that was as effective as the diet plan made every New Years day?

My encouragement to you is that Paul was instructing Timothy to have the local Church function in such a manner that intimacy, love, protection, forgiveness, shared burdens, and breakthrough was part of what was happening in their midst. These are tell's in every local congregation that sound teaching and understanding of doctrine are being practiced and cultivated in the community of faith. What is more is that these fruits are emerging the most when the people of God need the Church to be a pillar in times of trial and pain. This is also true as we come together to celebrate, recognize moments in time that God is moving amongst us so in a way that produces praise, maturing faith, and reconciliation where there was brokenness.

Imagine the Church you belong to is able to have a collective ethos (or culture) of care, generosity, compassion, and truth telling amongst the world that seeks to exploit, cheapen, cheat, and lie it's way to individualism's proclaimed goal; better than others, on their own.

As a leader in the faith community, I cannot tell you how much I desire to be part of the community that reaches out, that engages, and follows through in efforts to resemble the harmony and truth of the Gospel.

May you ask yourself this week, are you foundational in other's lives when it comes to building into their faith and walk with God?

Are you able to be counted on as a pillar of support in times of need?

Bless you and keep looking Up!

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