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Yesterday we kicked off a new series titled, "This is Us". It's a series that is revisiting the purpose and process of who we are as a Church and how we go about it (hint: they are the same). As we sit on the edge of the climax of a emotionally exacerbated political election simplicity is one of the last things we see taking shape. Yet, I want to encourage you that no matter the outcome of this week for our nation, our Lord is still King.

There may be a lot of "Yeah, but..." to that simple statement but should there be?

Jesus is still the Savior and hope of the world and whether you see one outcome over the other as a reason for fear and hopelessness to take hold, we must be clear that for the people of God, we are in a covenant with the Lord and his priorities and his power is still where we need to place our trust and hope. Why do we limit God to such outcomes that are based solely on what we can see or speculate?

If we as a Church (the people not the buildings or online feeds) can remove the complex qualifiers for Jesus to move in our life, we might find ourselves having more reasons for testimony and praise than for doubt and fear. It's just a hunch that we can rely on God more assuredly then personality or policies. The question then comes down to, do you have a testimony to this truth?

If not, then I encourage you to exert your freedom of will to rely on the providence of a merciful God working behind the scenes of your complex life, emotions, circumstances. If we can work to simplify the way in which we love the Lord with everything (Matthew 22: 37) than we allow his authority to lead, work, unwrap the mess, and make way a path through the wilderness 2020 has been for the landscape of many.

Be a people of peace that freely loves more and more like the one who save the world.

Keep looking up!

Pastor Micah

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