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Southport Church Online

Frequently Asked Questions:


What to expect when you visit us at Southport.

Step 1: Let us know you are coming by clicking Here


Step 2: Prepare your heart for worship! It will be a great way to get our hearts refocused, and ready for how God wants to minister to us during the coming months. DOWNLOAD, our Church Center App and create a login so you can have access to our updates, giving, and weekly Sermon Notes. Download that Here


Step 3: Enjoy a “CONTACTLESS WORSHIP EXPERIENCE!” We will not be greeting you with handshakes, high fives, or hugs at this time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you! Right now, everything will remain contactless. Safety is our number 1 priority. 


Step 4: Be encouraged and allow God to transform your life, and the lives of those you love! 


Step 5: Invite others to join you the following week.


What Happens Once I Arrive?

When you arrive, you may park in any space in are section of the business park. Please make your way to the front door where our Frontline team will great you with warmth and joy. 

We will welcome you with a small gift for visiting us and you will be given a quick tour. Where to check in your children, where the coffee station is, bathrooms, and worship center. 


What Will Children’s Programming Look Like On Campus?

We WILL offer children’s programming for birth-5th grade.

What Precautions Is Southport Church Taking?

We are taking every step of precaution as prescribed by the CDC to ensure that Church is safe, secure and spacious for your family.

  1. Every chair is sanitized prior to each worship experience in accordance with CDC guidelines.

  2. We will have multiple stations of hand sanitizer and free disposable masks for anyone who does not come with one.

  3. We will take extra precautions in all of our children's areas as listed here:

* No parents will be allowed down the children's halls. To minimize contact, please choose one adult family member to check in children and escort them to the children's drop off area.

*All doorknobs, door handles, tables, bathrooms are wiped down with a bleach/water mixture in the squirt bottles. 

*We will limit anyone touching machines (check in stations, etc.) and leave this to the staff

*All toys are sanitized prior to each service -- Three step sanitizing process through the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is not available, a three-step process in the sink.   Bleach and soap water, clean rinse, air dry. 

*No outside foods or drinks allowed. **This includes sippy cups and snacks**

- If bottles are brought in for infants, please put them in a Ziploc bag labeled. We have extra Ziploc bags on hand. Please write the child's name on it with a sharpie.

-We will be providing individually wrapped snacks and disposable cups for children.

We Look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!

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